Storage and Handling

How Much Smoked Salmon Do I Need?
Our pre-sliced smoked salmon sides are more or less 3 lbs each and each slice is about an ounce. Depending on what other items will be served alongside your smoked salmon typically 2-4 oz of smoked salmon per person is recommended. If you have a buffet with lots of other options you can get away with 2-3 oz per person. 

Smoked Salmon Storage and Handling
Our smoked salmon products, whether an entire side of salmon or a smaller retail unit, are vacuum-sealed right from the smoker then shipped to customers on the same day.

Smoked salmon is–via the smoking process–already 'cooked', therefore, it can be eaten straight from the package. That said, smoked salmon is still perishable and should be kept wrapped airtight and stored in the refrigerator. 

Your smoked salmon ships in an insulated cooler with ice packs to keep it chilled in transit. Once your smoked salmon arrives, unpack it and keep in the refrigerator. Any portions intended to be eaten at a later date can be rewrapped and frozen for up to three months. 

How Much Caviar Do I Need?
Served as hors d’oevres 20g per person is recommended. Of course, this depends on what other items will be served alongside your caviar and how much you and your guests love caviar but 20g per person is a general recommendation. 
Caviar Storage and Handling
If you don’t plan to serve all of your caviar at one time it is better to purchase smaller units that you plan to eat in a single sitting as opposed to one larger container that you will be opening and closing to serve from. Exposure to air is detrimental to caviar so the least amount of time it is left exposed to air the better. Air causes the beads to shrink, becoming sticky, and lose its glossy color and bright flavors. 
Caviar is highly perishable and should be stashed away in the coldest part of your refrigerator typically in the back of your refrigerator. Unopened jars and tins can be stored for 4-6 weeks but once opened it should be consumed within 7 days. Caviar, even leftovers, should never be frozen. 

Suggested Caviar Serving Sizes (hors d’oeuvres)

 Size Serves
  20g 1 person
  30g  1-2 people
  50g 2-3 people
125g 4-6 people
250g 10-15 people
500g 20-25 people
1 kilo 50-60 people
How Much Smoked Fish Do I Need?
Depending on what other items are being served alongside your smoked fish 2 oz per person is a conservative recommendation.    
Our Whole Smoked Whitefish are generally around 2 lbs each
Our Smoked Sable is about 1.5 lb each piece 
Our Smoked Sturgeon is about 2.5 lb each piece 
Our Smoked Eel is generally around 1 lb each
Our Smoked Trout Fillets are available as twin packs and are 5.9 oz total (+/- 3 oz per fillet)
Our Hot-Smoked Salmon (Kippered/Baked) is available as a whole side and are roughly 3.5 to 4 lb each
Smoked Fish Storage and Handling
Although our smoked fish are hot-smoked and therefore considered “cooked” they are still perishable and should be tightly wrapped and kept in the refrigerator.