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Truffle Lover Collection



The Hunt Is Over!

We've sniffed out the very best Tartufi di Fassia Italian truffle-infused goodies and boxed them up into a perfectly scented gourmet collection! Are you ready for the truffle powered awesomeness?

  • Black Summer Truffle Slices, 80g
  • White Truffle Sauce, 80g
  • Black Summer Truffle Sauce, 80g
  • Grey Salt with White Truffles, 30g
  • Grey Salt with Black Summer Truffles, 100g
  • Acacia Honey with Black Summer Truffles, 80g
  • Organic White Truffle Extra-Virgin Olive Oil, 100g
  • Organic Black Truffle Extra-Virgin Olive Oil, 100g
Collection arrives in a beautiful birch wood box with sliding lid.
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