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The Solex Catsmo Customer Experience

The Solex Catsmo Customer Experience

For brick and mortar stores it’s all about location, location, location. But for online stores and e-commerce, in general, it’s entirely about trust, trust, trust.

Customers need to feel that they can trust the sites they are handing their personal information over to. They also want to know that any problems they run into or questions they have will be addressed and handled courteously and quickly. And deservedly so. If I don’t feel a site is trustworthy or that my concerns are not being addressed, then I bounce.

At Solex Catsmo we welcome questions, comments, and suggestions. Customer interaction is important to us and helps us gauge your needs. Email us, add your voice to our blog, submit comments to product reviews, or visit our Facebook page. Whichever forum you prefer we will listen and respond.

We can be reached via email at hello@solexcatsmo.com or via phone at (845) 895-3361

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